Madstad Adjustable Windscreen Bracket Review – Super Tenere

Over the last weekend I rode over 2000kms in all sorts of weather encompassing heavy rain right through to howling winds.  It was a great test for the Madstad Adjustable Bracket for the Super Tenere Windshield that I fitted a while back.  Check out my previous entry for why I chose it and how easy it was to fit.

To get to the point early, I love it.  It's fitted with the stock screen and I've got it set reasonably high with a mid range lean.  It's high because I'm 6'5" and I have the Super Tenere seat on the high setting with an Airhawk R cushion on top so I'm perched way up there anyway.

Madstad Adjustable Screen Bracket for Super Tenere

I immediately noticed how much quieter it was, buffetting gone, wind noise significantly reduced over the stock screen without the Madstad brackets and the OEM Touring Screen similarly mounted.  At no stage during the weekend ride did I need to duck down and in fact during one leg of the ride I couldn't understand why my riding companion's bike sounded like the exhaust had fallen apart.  I'd actually forgotten to put my earplugs in and rode nearly 250kms with a half decent cross wind and didn't need to stop and put them in.  Prior to the Madstad Bracket there's no way I'd ride any distance on the Super Tenere without earplugs purely for the noise.

The only down sides, if you could call them that are that the screen moves around a bit more, vibration and moving when you hit bumps.  This was noticeable but not a real hassle.  The other thing I noticed is that in rain water comes up under the screen so my handlebar mounted GPS and SPOT were more exposed to the wet than they were previously.  This makes sense given how I've got it set up but I could have easily lowered the screen to stop that if I gave the electronics more priority than my own comfort.

The brackets didn't loosen off and the screen didn't shift at all unless I tried another location for it throughout the weekend, even at a good speed.

I was thinking that I might try the touring screen on it next but in truth it worked so well I'm not going to bother.

If you are tall and looking for a solution to the inadequate OEM Screen for the Super Tenere and something better than the less inadequate OEM Touring Screen then go and get yourself a pair of Madstad Ajustable Windscreen Brackets.  You and your Super Tenere will become better friends, if that's possible.