Switch Block for the Super Tenere – Thanks Clive

There's so much packed into a Super Tenere that when it comes time to add farkles of the electrical kind there aren't too many places to mount any switches and having the Yamaha Wind Deflectors on the bike makes even less room. 

With the recent addition of the Onx LED light bar, the new addition of an ABS off switch and the pending addition of a switch to turn on the soon to be mounted Baja Designs SII LED Lights some additional switch room was required.

The Adventure Bike Guru, Clive from motorcyclebiz.com.au on spotting the round GPS Mounting Bar on the Madstad Adjustable Screen Bracket had a very good idea. I had mounted my Tom Tom Rider on the Madstad bar with a RAM mount but frankly it vibrated too much to be really useful.  The Tomtom was going back on the handlebars. Knowing that Clive suggested that he fashion a switch block to replace the bar.

And he did and the pic is below.

Switch Block

It works really really well, the switches are easy to reach and operate and while the current switches are beautifully situated across the block there's room for four more if I need them 🙂  The wiring from the back of the switches goes down the back of the instrument panel and is well out of the way.

Here's a sidish view.

Switch Block

I think in the fullness of time I'll organise to have it painted mat black, while the angle of it doesn't cause any problems with glare it's a bright shiny thing in my field of view that might become distracting on long distance rides.  I'll get back to you on that one.

So with the new switch block on my Super Tenere I can now decide what lights I want on with high beam and lock up my back wheel (or spin it) whenever I want to.  Woo Hoo!