Omeo, Falls Creek, Mt Beauty and Home

We had a few k's to cover today, a touch over 900, but most of it was on the Hume Super Slab so we weren't feeling pressured to rush.  My Super Tenere packed and fuelled we left Omeo about 8.30am taking the Old Omeo Highway towards Falls Creek.  The morning was comfortably cool, the sun was out and the road just kept coming.  Magic!

We'd been told to keep an eye out for the Blue Duck Inn at Anglers Rest, a sensational little spot.  Sadly we didn't have a chance to stop it was a little early for a rest.  Not too far after that we turned left onto the Bogong High Plains Road.  A sign at the start of the road told us that it was designated as a Hazardous Road, it was very steep to start with but the surface was fine.  Not too many guard rails to stop you falling down a ravine if you got a line wrong but riding to the conditions will set your smile from ear to ear if you like corners and remain focussed, not taking too much of the view in.

During this part of the ride I really did get used to the different feeling and tactics of cornering on the Super Tenere.  Having predominantly ridden a Road King for the last few years it has taken me a while to get used to sitting so high and the different weight distribution.  The Super Tenere is NOT top heavy despite it's looks, but the centre of gravity is much higher than the Harley.  No brainer now though, all I have to do is remember to put my toes on the footpegs so I don't drag my boots on the road.

Bogong High Plains Road

While looking towards the top you could see white patches of snow on the mountains, not having been in this area before I was surprised to see that in November but once we got within a couple of hundred metres of it we pulled over and trudged across to get into it.  Still no urgency in the day, we hung around and took photos of the Super Tenere, the Harley-Davidson and each other for about half an hour.

Super Tenere Falls Creek

Super Tenere Mountains

Riding further on and heading down hill some we skirted the beautiful lake at Falls Creek and across the dam wall stopping at the closed up village for a couple of photos.  We decided there to swap bikes, @officerhardass and Krittie took the Super Tenere and I jumped on the Road King for a fun ride down the mountain to Mt Beauty.  The cornering ability of late model Road Kings is severly underrated by the naysayers.  Getting a little active on the bike and not being afraid to tip it in can make winding roads a great experience on the 350kgs of US Chrome.  It was actually nice to get back on a Harley for an in ride comparison.

Mt Beauty was buzzing with Sunday morning visitors, lots of bikes stopped for coffee before heading up the way we'd just come.  We stopped for a late breakfast at the bakery and set ourselves up for the last "country leg" of the journey to Wodonga before hitting the freeway for the last 700ks of the trip home.

Some riders hate the freeways, @officerhardass and I don't.  Don't get me wrong, I love riding corners but I also enjoy the opportunity to kick back and cruise for hours on end watching the k's roll by.  The Super Tenere lacks cruise control which makes it a little tougher, but that's something I think I'll get sorted at some stage.

We took a short detour into Adelong on the way north to have a drink and take some snaps, but other than that it was an easy transport leg home, although the non stop ride between Yass and Thornleigh made me glad I had the Airhawk R on the seat.

Home by 8.30pm in time to see my kiddies off to bed with about 940k's added to the tally on the Super Tenere that has now done over 8100km in a touch over three months.