The Red Centre – Day 3 BB2500K

The room I had in Coober Pedy last night was a two bedroom apartment dug into a hill, interesting walls and ceilings.

But because I got there quite late it wasn't until this morning that I got a chance to see it.

And the view from the motel was beautiful (it's a flock of galahs)

My plan for today was to head north with a loose thought of trying for Tennant Creek via Uluru which should have been enough k's for an SS2000M but frankly I wasn't sure of how far it  really was.  I crossed the Northern Territory border and took a pic of my Super Tenere there..

Super Tenere at the Northern Territory Border

Then I took a quick pic just up the road at one of my favourite NT landmarks, it's the first proper speed limit sign you see over the border.

Super Tenere Speed Limit Sign

The further north to Erldunda and a left turn towards Uluru.  I was struck by the stunning scenery and rich red soil, amazing place to ride.  the Heidenau K60 felt right at home on this stuff!

Super Tenere in Sand

Things changed for me when I got to Uluru.  I've never been there before and to be honest I've never known what the fuss was about, until I saw it.  I paid the $25 to get in and decided I was going to hang around for a while knowing that it meant my loose plan for an SS2000M was going to change.

I sat down in front of the great big rock and did some calculations.  I realised that I could hang around Uluru and have a good look at it, check out Yulara and had just enough time to ride the 100kms back to Curtin Springs with sufficient time and distance for a BB2500k/36. Finally I had a plan!

I took a photo of the Super Tenere near Uluru

Super Tenere at Uluru

And another from the sunset viewing area on the way out

Super Tenere at Sunset Viewing Area, Uluru

I needed so I went for a lool at Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort).  The premium unleaded was padlocked up so I had to get a key for it from the Service Station attendant before I could fill the bike. After getting some fuel and locking the pump back up I rode back to the Wayside Inn, Curtin Springs, got a docket and two witnesses for the completion of the SS2500K.  The first was a backpacker behind the counter who is there for two more months and a lovely American lady who was passing through on her way to Uluru and was very excited to help and have a chat. Here's the Super Tenere at Curtin Springs

Super Tenere at Curtin Springs

On the way back to Erldunda I had to stop to take a photo of t Mt Connor.  Wow, you should go and see it if you haven't.

Mt Connor, Northern Territory

At Erldunda I called my wife and asked if she could organise some accommodation for me at the Desert Palms Resort in Alice Springs, recommended to me last time I went through by Coldcomfort.  I arrived in Alice just on dark after another 200ks a bit knackered and starving. So I grabbed some instant food at reception for dinner and breakfast and hit the sack wondering how I was going to do an SS1600k tomorrow when it's only 1494kms between Alice Springs and Darwin.  Anne had also confirmed that she had organised transport for STEN between Darwin and home and a flight for me to get to Sydney on Sunday where she was going to pick me up.  She is amazing!

Coldy, sorry I didn't get a chance to catch up with you, next time!

So the BB2500k was done and dusted in the last two days with over 4000kms done so far for the trip.