Getting used to the Africa Twin

After a fun first up Watagans outing on the Africa Twin the other day it was time to head back and spend a little more time in the dirt.  I rode back out the usual route through Mulbring, Sandy Creek Road and up Heaton Road into the mountains. As I entered the gravel I flicked the traction control and the ABS off on the fly, I love that feature on the Africa Twin.  At the top of the hill I turned into Watagan Forest Road and wound my way along to the Old Mill Picnic area near the Pines camping area. It was very quiet, no traffic at all in contrast to last weekend.


From there I turned right and just followed the signs to Kulnura


The roads up there are in great shape and as I get more familiar with the Africa Twin I’m spending more time on the seat and starting to gingerly powerslide the rear just a touch.  The suspension and the ride is confidence inspiring and this isn’t something I really do any of “just for fun” on the larger and heavier Super Tenere.


Off the gravel for a short distance I called in at Jerry’s for a coffee.  It was a quiet afternoon there.


After coffee and some time to warm up (cold wether was moving in) I took a spin down Bumble Hill Road to Yarramalong, turned left and headed back up the hill into more gravel on Brush Creek Road.  It’s a lovely ride up there, rainforesty, covered, nice…


This joined up with the road I’d come in on so it was a simple matter of following the signs back to Cooranbong.


I took a small detour into a nice picnic area on the way back


and of course the obligatory photo of the bike there


before turning right towards Mt Falk Road and a relatively direct route home through Mulbring and around Mt Sugarloaf.

The Africa Twin and I are really starting to hit it off.  This type of riding is just so easy and the Africa Twin is very predictable and forgiving to relative newbies like me.  I passed the 1000km mark on the bike on this ride so it’s finally ready for it’s first service.  I’ve got a list of things I want to put on the bike to make it more off-road and “distance off-road” ready for an upcoming ride I hope to take it on if I can get it ready.