Broken Hill to Gilgandra

I wasn’t in a hurry to leave Broken Hill this morning after riding a Bun Burner Gold 1500M on my Super Tenere yesterday.  My hosts for the night were fortunately available to talk bikes, rides and stuff mere mortals aren’t interested in.  So I didn’t get away until 1pm with no real plan and not really thinking too much about the 1200k’s I had left to get home.

A quick jerry stop at a rest area after Wilcannia to avoid getting fuel there.

I couldn’t believe how many emus and goats were on the road heading towards Cobar, more than I’ve ever seen.

I called my wife from Cobar and told here I’d be home about 2am, she indicated that she wasn’t too happy about that and that since the timed ride was over I should take an extra night. She would book me in at Raj’s Alpha Motel in Gilgandra. I arrived at the Shell there about 9.30pm.

A fellow long distance rider called me in Gilgandra to see if I was heading home and wanted some company at the end of the ride. That was really appreciated! But for me it was two ice creams back at the hotel, bed by 10.30pm with ear plugs in and I didn’t stir until 8am.

My wife’s advice to take the extra day was good.