The MadStad adjustable bracket for the Yamaha Super Ténéré Screen

The stock screen on the Yamaha Super Tenere with the two adjustment heights didn’t give me the protection from the wind I like even with the additional Yamaha Wind Deflectors fitted.  I knew that was the case from my original test ride of the Super Tenere so when I bought mine I ordered the OEM Touring screen straight up.  The Yamaha Touring Screen was an improvement for me but still fell short in terms of noise and comfort on long trips.

So back to the internet I went and read lots of reviews, positive and negative about the different screens available for the Super Tenere and while researching I came across another option – adjustable brackets.  There are two brands available (at least two that are easy to find) the Madstad and the Touratech. Both come with a GPS Mounting Bar if you wanted which I thought would be handy as I add more farkles to the bike.  Madstad also supply a touring screen for the brackets if you want.

I came to believe that an adjustable bracket would be a good option for me, it would allow me to tweak to my heart’s content and hopefully arrive at something I was perfectly happy with.

Reading people’s experiences both brands seem to be well liked.  I ended up going with the Madstad simply because I sent Touratech (Australia) an email a while back and they didn’t bother answering it. I bought it direct from Madstad in the states however later found out that I could get it from locally and a bit cheaper when deliver was factored in (derrr).  Motorradgarage has it for $129.00.  The Touratech is more expensive at $248.66 and I didn’t read anything to suggest that it was worth the additional cash.

I fitted the Madstad Brackets today in about 15 minutes, a very simple process and the instructions that come with it are very clear.  I put the original screen back on because that’s what the instructions suggest, however given the touring screen and the original screen fit exactly the same way to the bike I’m wondering if you could use the touring screen on the Madstad Brackets for even more options.  Maybe I’ll try it one day.

The only “cringe” with the installation is that part of the bracket touches the screen when you secure the screen to them.  I reckon it will scratch it which I guess won’t be a problem if I never get rid of the brackets.

I’ve taken some pics of the brackets going on and some of the range of adjustment of the screen for your viewing pleasure.  Sadly it’s raining today so I haven’t had a chance to review the performance of the Madstad Adjustable Brackets on the Super Tenere, I’ll get back to you in a week or so when I’ll have had a couple of thousand kilometres to play with it.

I loved this farkle so much I got the same one for my 2016 Super Tenere which added some side supports that made it even more stable!