Stayed Dry in light rain, cool!

Later today I was leading a ride for a group of Harley-Davidson riding mates and usually when I have this responsibility I like to ride the route beforehand just to get myself familiar with it and keep and assess it’s suitability in terms of roadworks, hazards etc.  It became more important this time because yesterday bush fires and motor vehicle accidents had seen some of the roads to be taken closed.  So I decided to take my Super Tenere out for a spin and check things out.  Always a good day when I get to ride two of my bikes!

It was 7am, a bit dark and cloudy, coolish but I didn’t think too much about it when I left to head south down the freeway for a while then turning off on to some scenic back roads, some showing very obvious signs of the recent fires right up to the road. 

While out and about I rode straight into some light drizzle, without a single piece of wet weather gear on board and wearing lightweight gloves.  The precipitation was sufficient to see me wet if I was on the Road King, however the screen and plastic on the Super Tenere, along with the hand protectors saw me remain dry and largely unaffected by the patches of light rain.  Nice one Yamaha.  I have to say I was pretty impressed with this I was picturing a need for a change of clothes when I got home.

After a while I turned to head north and back home via a different route, leaving the rain patches behind. A sweet little 138km ride, an hour and a half and this afternoon’s ride route with the mates confirmed.

Yeah yeah I know, no pictures and it never happened.  You’ll have to take my word for it.