River to Ranges Day 3 – Peterborough to Flinders Ranges

There was a bit of rain overnight, nothing too major but sufficient to ask questions about the conditions in the morning. Fortunately someone had been up early pre-riding the route and had determined that the first segment of today’s Tenere Tragics ride was all good except for one slippery area where a choice could be made, particularly if you were on a Super Tenere.  I made my way to the front of the Caltex servo which was the start point for the day and off I went, printed route sheet on tank bag.

We left Peterborough heading towards Oodla Wirra and turned left onto dirt (Dawson Gorge Rd) towards Dawson. The heat and the dust of the last two days happily absent.  Here’s the surface at Dawson looking back the way we came


And here’s the old Dawson pub.  One of many of these types of buildings one can find off the beaten track in South Australia.


We continued on the Peterborough-Dawson Road until we took a left at Black Rock Rd to head towards the lookout.  Some of the smaller bikes rode straight to the top of the lookout, room was short and the last bit steep so I parked the Super Tenere at the penultimate level of the lookout


And walked up to enjoy the view looking west, rougly the direction we were heading.


and to the north.


Fro there we continued on Black Rock Road until we got to the Orroroo-Peterborough Rd. Peter, on another Super Tenere and I were warned off the next part of the route which was slippery and difficult.  “Why would you want the aggravation?” was the phrase so we turned back towards Peterborough. From there we rode through Jamestown, now getting very familiar for me, and then on to Laura to rejoin the group at a very fine bakery for a coffee and a pie…breakfast of champions.


From there it was a tar leg on the B82 to Wongyarra and Melrose, where I should have got some fuel, then continuing to Wilmington where I took a photo of the pub (a special place for FarRiders)


and should have got some fuel. We left Wilmington on the Quorn-Wilmington Road and turned right onto a gravel road, the Wilmington-Hammond Rd.  It was fantatsic riding long here, good gravel and very scenic.  We came across the deserted village of Hammond, just empty buildings, one of which had a For Sale sign, we were wondering if the whole village was for sale.


At Hammond the road turned into the Hammond-Carrieton Road and we followed it straight to Carrieton Pub where a bunch of the Tragics had adjourned for lunch.


Here, neglecting to refuel and having none readily available bit me on the derriere. I did the sums and it was plain I wouldn’t make the next leg on gravel but would just make it to Hawker to refuel before heading to Rawsley Park Station in the Flinders Ranges, the destination for the day.So that’s what I did. I put very nearly 22 litres into the tank, phew! The ride from Hawker to Rawnsley Park was the first time I’d been in the Flinders Ranges.  Wow. More of that tomorrow.  But for tonight it was time to book into my Eco Lodge and rough it for a change.


Only one bed, lucky I didn’t have to share!


And of course to get ready for the spit roast and post ride celebrations on offer for dinner.  A great night’s sleep without a care in the world, little did I know what was coming up tomorrow.