Rainy Ride to Canberra on the Super Tenere

Today was the initial transport leg for a planned ride around and through the mountains in NSW and Victoria.  I was riding my Super Tenere, my mate @officerhardass was on his Harley Davidson Road King with his wife Krittie. The plan was to head south from home leaving about 3pm.  It was raining.

We were already fuelled up and the first planned stop was Marulan a touch over 300kms from home.  It rained.  The traffic wasn't too bad on the trip south and we made pretty decent time.  The Super Tenere is nimble in traffic, the Battle Wing tyres were pretty good on the greasy roads heading through Sydney's west and roadwords didn't present a problem.  But it rained.

When we stopped at Marulan we decided to pull the pin at Canberra for the night rather than travel the additonal k's to Cooma so on to the iPad and some accommodation booked.  Not too much later the darkness arrived but thankfully the rain stopped and while riding alongside Lake George I got the opportunity to test out my new Onx LED Light Bar.  @officerhardass was in front of me when I fired them up for the first time, WOW! Bathed in Bright light with a large circular pattern with them casting a shadow throught the middle of it.  Krittie took the opportunity to make big arm shadows and have a bit of fun.  These lights really penetrate the dark, there's a little more info about them on the installation page.

Not too much later we were in Northbourne Avenue and booked into our digs for the night.  A short walk around the corner for some Crust Gourmet Pizza followed by a Gin and Tonic at the bar next door then off to bed, 700k's or so to do tomorrow.