My Super Tenere comes home

My new Yamaha Super Tenere had been ready to pick up for a couple of days but it was a 40 min drive to the dealership that gave me a deal worth making that trip.  My wife became available this morning, we were both having a day off work and she agreed to transport me.

I’m not sure what she was expecting of the bike, she looked a bit stunned when she saw the Super Tenere for the first time and enquired about the cost.  My answer received an odd look and while I was going through the handover with the dealer I saw my wife on the phone.  When we were ready to leave she announced that she was going to Sydney for the rest of the day… Ooops! Oh well, I had a new Super Tenere!

Sadly I didn’t really have the time to take it for a ride today, I had other things I needed to do, including picking up the kids from school now my wife had become unavailable for that. So I rode it home, facebook a photo of it and admired it in the driveway for a while.

Riding it home confirmed the comfort of the bike for my size, I didn’t make any mistakes and while still very quietly lamenting the fact I didn’t have a 4 cylinder motor under me I was looking forward to seeing what this baby could do once it was run in.

My first priority, get 1000ks up on it, get the first service done and find out how it copes with a decent day’s ride.  I’ve got no clue right now when that might be.