Mudgee to Young

Today I had a commitment in Mudgee first thing, that done breakfast eaten and a quick goodbye to the family I was on my way south towards Bathurst.  The early morning was beautiful but cloud was building.  Thanksfully though, no sign of rain.

I had a quick pic to take at Wattle Flat and then made a b-line for the Audi sign over the track near the top of the hill at Mt Panorama race track, Bathurst.  I had to resist the temptation to give my Super Tenere a squirt on the track and at one point had to quietly accept being overtaken by a speeding pushbike heading down the hill onto Conrod Straight.  Thankfully I got past him on the next slight gradient, the inline twin having much more torque than his legs.

I fuelled up at Bathurst before heading west to Orange.  The temp still hovering around 10-11 degrees but a little sunlight had started to peek through the clouds.  By the time I got to the next FarChallenge pic location, a church in Cudal, it was 14 degrees, the peak for the day, and very pleasant.

This was the first time I’d ever been in Cudal, at least that I remember, the road out there was really pretty. I left there heading towards Canowindra, I have been there before, about 30 years ago, it was bigger than I remembered, but no time to stop for a better look.  From there through Cowra to my next overnight stop at Young. It was a really really enjoyable ride through this part of NSW, the roads weren’t too bad and the suspension on the Super Tenere took care of everything that came it’s way.

During the afternoon the day became colder again, I arrived at Young about 4.30pm where I got cleaned up and headed to the Services Club for a feed of calamari, steak and a few gin and tonics.

After that it was back to the motel room to attack the mini-bar and watch some bad regional TV. Well bad TV for some, it was my only episode of Big Brother for this year followed by a rerun of the A Team movie with Liam Neeson, love it or hate it!

Tomorrow I’m heading home after the Super Tenere has it’s 1000k service at Wilder Motorcycles, the local Yamaha dealer. Not sure which way yet, depends on what time I get to leave town.