Kulnurra by Gravel

I’ve started building up to an off road event that’s occurring in a couple of months so it’s time to spend some more time in the bush given I’m all but a complete noob.  Without being able to squeeze much away time in the festive period getting to dirt as quickly as possible was required today.  So it was back to the Watagans but this time trying to work my way further south than the last few times. My only concern, it’s been raining off and on for a week.

So I headed down the freeway to the Toronto exit straight towards some very dark clouds that hung around for the rest of the ride but didn’t eventuate to much at all.  I took a right off the freeway, a left at Freemans Waterhole and then right into Mount Faulk Road.  The new Garmin Montana 680T seemed to be doing it’s thing in a route I’d finally managed to get onto it (I’m learning to not like Basecamp much).  At the first sign of gravel the traction control went to “2” (yeah yeah I know, but it doesn’t make much difference to me) and the ABS stayed on (ditto).

The roads were damp and I wasn’t too happy at first, only having been up here in the dry before but I soon discovered the only significant difference it was to make on the day is to make me realise why people get bigger feet for their side stands.  Added to the list.


The Montana took me straight to the intersection of Watagan Forest Road and Walkers Ridge Forest Road, which I’d been looking for the last few times I’ve been up here and am now gobsmacked I have ridden straight past it each time.  So a righty there and followed the signs, which are pretty blinkin’ good,


to Kulnurra with a few stops for snaps along the way.   The panniers were on today with a few essentials. I wanted to get used to riding in the bush with them on.


I saw about a dozen other bikes, mostly Adventure bikes from DR’s, Wee Stroms and F800GS’s but the Super Tenere was the mothership in there today. The sun came out for a bit here!


I made my way towards Kulnurra, taking note of the intersection that would have taken me down to Yarramalong because that’s the way I was hoping to come back.

Jerry’s Cafe was packed as usual but there was time for a coffee and a nice pie.  It never takes long to strike up a conversation with other bikers there and when the socialising, caffeine shot and chicken and vege pie were done it was time to leave.

A quick run down Bumble Bee Hill and a left at Yarramalong took me to Brush Creek Road, wow it was pretty going up the hill, definitely going back there.  Then I kept on the reverse route until Heaton Road where I turned left and went down the hill towards Quorrobolong and some nice bends on Sandy Creek Road. Back home through Mulbring, Seahampton and the Link Road.

Only on near encounter with a 4WD made it a good day.

All up a touch over 200kms for the day, pretty easy going but the most time I’ve spent in dirt ever and definitely a confidence builder.