Day 2 of the SS5000K

Up at 4.30am AEDST  and left Ceduna at 5.15am, 15 minutes behind schedule.  My plan for the day was pretty much to run it on Google Maps time. That means to leave every destination at the time Google Maps said I should arrive.  On wide open rides that works for me because the times seem to be pretty close to the overall average speed I mange without pushing too hard. I allowed some time for a self care/meal stop and had set my target to arrive at Wagga Wagga via Broken Hill at 11.25pm.  Leaving late meant I had to be more efficient.

Back through Wudinna, next time I’ll stop for a photo of that Granite Sculpture. But! I had some time to finally take a pic of the Big Galah at Kimba

And here again for the second time in three weeks or so, almost deja vue.

Heading south past Iron Knob it struck me again how much I love being out here on a bike.  Here’s the view – you had to be there ?.

Moving on back through Port Augusta it came to me that I’ve ridden through here 10 times this year and never stopped for longer than to get fuel and maybe some food.  Then I stopped on the road up to Horrocks Pass to take a pic.  It's a lovely part of the world here.

Riding up Horrocks I took the opportunity to unsquare the tyres. I rode through Wilmington, Orroroo and this time didn’t miss the turn to Peterborough. I took a couple of layers off at Yunta. The temp was in the 30’s and it was only about midday. Lots of hydration required there and at Broken Hill.

Back in NSW! I usually forget to take a pic here, or it's dark when I go through.


My plan was to fill both jerrys and ride down through Wentworth and hopefully get to Balranald with one stop filling from both cans.  I whacked Balranald in the GPS and it found a dirt shortcut I had never seen which meant for the IBA certification I'd need to be careful about corner dockets.  I grabbed one at Buronga.

I also decided to get the docket because my fuel economy on that leg allowed me to push through to Hay South. At 584ks’ on the map it would be over 600ks on my odo. So for my own peace of mind I decided not to tempt fate for the sake of 4 minutes and a cold drink on a day which had hit 35 degrees.

I arrived in Hay just after dark after receiving a liberal coating of small bugs. I refueled, cleaned my visor, lights and made the mistake of having two steak sandwiches. Last night's lesson had not been learned yet. Anyhow they tasted good.  As usual I was warned about the roos at night at the servo but I didn’t see one between Hay South and Gillenbah. I did see one between there and Wagga. Time on the docket at Wagga 11.25pm exactly.  I have to admit that I stopped at the first servo I saw! 1732ks including stops in Google Maps time.  You should try it, it’s fun.

Once again the Super Tenere proved its mettle as a distinguished mile muncher, 3700ks in 2 days, easy!