Back to the Watagans

A beautiful Saturday morning saw an opportunity to throw the riding gear on, jump on the Super Tenere and head back to the Watagans.  The usual route out through Mulbring to Quorrobolong – Heaton Road and up into the mountains.

The gravel is still in great nick.  Today I went up to Heaton Lookout and kept going for a while to find this view.


Here’s the terrain, pretty easy on the Super Tenere


Then a quick leg back to Heaton for a snap


And then off to Monkey Face and Gap Creek Lookouts for a short pause.  On the way back out I grabbed a quick pic at the Monkey Face sign (seems to be becoming a tradition when I go past it).


I decided to call it a “ride” and headed towards Mt Falk Road.  On the way down I came across a guy enjoying a cuppa and the view who I’d seen riding his DL1000 earlier so I stopped for a chat.Fred’s new to the region so we chatted about roads, trails and destinations for a while and headed our separate ways.

Home by 10.15am, a simply awesome way to start any day!