Heidenau K60 Scout Review on the Super Tenere

Just prior to leaving for Queensland then Darwin a while back I was in urgent need of a new rear tyre, the Heidenau K76 that was on it would not make the trip after the bimble to Perth and back in 40+degree heat destroyed it.

At 1pm the day before I was due to leave I went to the local Yamaha Dealer (not the one where I bought my Super Tenere, I didn't have time for that) to see if they could fit something and they were so outrageously busy they couldn't find the time to fit a tyre during the next 24 hours so I didn't bother seeing what stock they had.  They clearly don't want my business.

So I called Clive the Adventure Bike Guru, the only thing he had in stock was a Heidenau K60 Scout and I could head straight up and he'd fit it for me. While the Scout's arguably a 50/50 Road Dirt Tyre I only needed something that would get me 5000ks or so in 4 days. I knew from the reading I've previously done on forums that it'd make that. So up to Clive's I went.  And while I was there he had time to drop the oil and diff oil to..AND he gave me a beer! Legend!

Now given the use I put it to I can't really comment on it as an off road tyre except to say that when I was in flood waters, riding on roadworks, gravel shoulders, rest areas and rough bits and pieces I definitely did notice that it was more sure footed than slipping around on the K76's and Battle Wings that I'd previously had on the bike. It made me keen to get it off road!

On road, to be honest I didn't notice any loss of grip or less capability on road than the previous two rears mentioned above.  I fanged the bike down Horrocks Pass just within my comfort zone and there was no sign it was going to let go, so at least for the limits of my riding it was fine.

After 5000k's the tyre for me seemed to have worn better than the K76's but I admit that they had a rough time being ridding through scorching heat and massive cross winds.  Certainly there was no sign on the uneven wear across the treads tha that the K76's suffered from.

I also ran the tyre a at 36psi at Clyde's advice so the tyre felt "softer" underfoot.  Frankly I was really impressed with it. 

Anyhow, there's more to come, the tyre's not gone yet, so when I've got more I'll update this.  Here's a pic of it after 5000ks

Heidenau K60 Scout on a Super Tenere