Glendambo to Yulara

Riding 2500k's in 36 hours usually finds me riding 1800-200k's on day 1, six or so hours rest and knock off the rest of the k's.  This ride however required 2840 or so kilometres, so 4 hours was the only break I could afford to make it without too much pressure.  Soon I'd be enjoying the 130kph speed limits of the Northern Territory but not for long.

So 4 hrs rest followed by instant oats and sultanas saw me on my way before Glendambo had woken. The forecast was for a very cold morning, I rugged up but it was mild compared to yesterday. The sun rise was typically beautiful for out there

After sunrise I arrived in Coober Pedy where I filled the tank and both jerry cans. Finally got a pic of this in the light!

I rode past Marla, enjoying another spectacular day out here, and stopped in a rest area to empty the jerrys into STEN. That would see me through to Erldunda even with the additional fuel consumption that mysteriously happens once you get into the Northern Territory.

I was right on schedule at Erldunda, a quick fill of the tank only, didn't see any point having two full jerry cans to keep safe in Yulara for a few days. I arrived right on 4pm AEST, making a 35.5hr trip in total. I grabbed a quick witness at the servo, filled the tank and quickly slipped into athlete tourist mode with a gin and tonic or two.

So 2841k's ridden but the Etrex 10 in 35.5 hours.  Yamaha's Super Tenere is a great motorcycle to do these types of rides on.  Now to plan the ride home.  I think I'll have a crack at something more challenging.