First Hiccup with the Super Tenere

Really quick one here, prefaced by a repeat of the fact that I barely know which end of a screwdriver to use.  I planned to go for a ride today and packed the Super Tenere last night ready for a very early start. Going through my usual check the bike over routine I tried to fire up the Super Tenere, no luck.

There was a whir of the fuel pump, all the lights as normal, plenty of charge in the battery but the bike turned over but wouldn’t fire up.  I shelved the plans for the ride and sent a quick email to Clive the Guru.  I tried again this morning, no luck.  Clive came over to have a look, ready to take the bike back to his workshop if needed but managed to get it going (Genius).

He opened the throttle up fully and kept his finger on the start button way longer than I was comfortable with and it eventually fired up. I didn’t feel too stupid.

The diagnosis – my last ride was very long in very hot conditions.  He felt that the fuel pressure may have pushed fuel into the cylinders after I turned it off and the bike was flooded. The bike then sat there for a couple of weeks in that state.  Because of the fuel in the cylinders there was insufficient room for oxygen, no firing up.  Note that this is my non technical interpretation.  When the bike started there was a strong smell of unburnt fuel. Let it idle for a while, turn off, turn on, no probs.

So there you go!  My confidence in the Super Tenere is restored and I know what to do if it happens again.  I’ll keep an eye on how it goes after the next long hot ride followed by a rest.